Exam notes, Why?

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Installation logs

If the installation failed, you can review the installation log at /system/volatile/install_log.
If the installation succeeded, you can find the log at /system/volatile/install_log before you reboot the system or at /var/sadm/system/logs/install_log after you reboot.

Supported hardware

  • x64, anything in the HCL
  • SPARC, T and M series, OBP 4.17

Steps in the graphic installer

  1. Welcome
  2. Disk
  3. Time Zone
  4. Users
  5. Installation
  6. Finish

Verifying the install

Hostname System version and release Boot disk configuration Physical memory complement Network service configuration * Network interface configuration

Verifying network install

The network services physical:default and physical:nwam (Network Auto-Magic) provide for static and dynamic IP configuration, respectivly. Both can be disabled.

Run Levels

  • 0) Firmware
  • 1) System administrator
  • 2) Multiuser (allows remote connections)
  • 3) Multiuser with services
  • 4) Unspecified
  • 5) Shutdown and power off
  • 6) Reboot
  • S) Single user


# beadm

  beadm subcommand cmd_options


  beadm activate beName
  beadm create [-a] [-d description]
      [-e non-activeBeName | beName@snapshot]
      [-o property=value] ... [-p zpool] beName
  beadm create beName@snapshot
  beadm destroy [-fF] beName | beName@snapshot
  beadm list [[-a] | [-d] [-s]] [-H] [beName]
  beadm mount beName mountpoint
  beadm rename beName newBeName
  beadm unmount [-f] beName

dladm object names

  • addr
  • if
  • ip
  • ipmp
  • vni

ipadm subcommands

  • show-if
  • show-addr
  • create-ip
  • create-addr
  • down-addr
  • up-addr
  • delete-addr
  • delete-ip


  • zonecfg, creates and configure zones
  • zoneadm, installs, powers on/off zones
  • zlogin, allows you to login into the zone


The milestones that can be specified at boot time are: none single-user multi-user multi-user-server * all

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