Why did I take this nickname again?

[6-2-2014 23:42:36] Tupolov: Why are you dev/random
[6-2-2014 23:43:45] Sacha Ligthert: ArmA didn't accept the Sha1sum of my full name as nickname..
[6-2-2014 23:44:02] Sacha Ligthert: So I took a unix device that other people asociated me with in the past. :)
[6-2-2014 23:44:35] Sacha Ligthert: Sacha was getting kinda boring and ZombiTron would get confusing with scenarios containing zombies.
[6-2-2014 23:45:10] Sacha Ligthert: And I test the limits of certain tools with a nickname containing characters like /'s. ;)
[6-2-2014 23:52:26] Tupolov: you did!

I accidentally break things..

[0:16:16] ARJay (ALiVE): Sacha stahp breaking our things, k thnks bai
[0:17:10] Sacha LigthertSorry, I'm here to break^H^H^H^H^H test things. :)
[0:20:56] Tupolov: /dev/random/break/your/shit/you/are/welcome
[0:22:29] Tupolov: ;)

Pek says goodbye:

[1:47:13 PM] Manuel Pekelaer: Gents, Ik heb besloten me niet actief met de community meer te betrekken en niet meer mee te doen aan sessies for the time being
[1:47:26 PM] Sacha Ligthert: Noted.
[1:47:50 PM] * Sacha Ligthert kicked mpekelaer from the chat.

Hazey and I discuss our efforts:

[16:11:38] Sacha Ligthert: Haze, Am I the only one with the impression that our version of insurgency kickstarted groups into adopting alive?
[16:14:00] Haze: I have seen a few larger groups run alive because of it. Would be interesting to get a download stat from tup when he is around.
[16:16:22] Sacha Ligthert: Haze, we rock! :D